Mentoring and Training Philosophy


Our commitment is to provide a mentoring plan for trainees that includes strategies to improve their skills in 1) developing original research, 2) preparation as future scientists or medical professionals, and 3) collaborative projects and networking

Diversity and Inclusion

The Revelo Lab is committed to fostering and maintaining a culture of equity, inclusion, and diversity and to providing an environment in which all members of the lab can strive to achieve their full potential. This commitment begins with the admission that systemic bias and discrimination are as much a part of the academic and scientific environment as they are of society at large and that a conscious, and continued, effort is needed to identify and combat such bias.


Our commitment, thus, extends to:

A) Actively facilitating a culture where any member of the group can speak up, ask questions, and be heard and feel included, regardless of background or ability.

B) Celebrating the unique capabilities of each member and using these to improve our interactions and to strengthen our science

C) Mentoring in a manner that respects and supports the needs, styles, and career goals of individuals without discrimination 

Collaborative Projects and Networking

Trainees will have a variety of opportunities for exchanges of ideas and participation in formal and informal discussions with local and external scientists. Students and postdocs will attend and present their research twice a year at the Immunology Meeting and a selected Keystone Symposia


Training Programs

To help guide training, students will have access to our senior collaborators in the fields of immunology and cardiovascular disease. We welcome graduate students in our microbiology, immunology, and cancer biology program to advance our research in the field of their choosing.