Selected Publications


Revelo XS*, Parthiban P, Barrow F, Fredrickson G, Wang H, Yücel D, Chen C, and van Berlo J H*. Cardiac macrophages prevent fibrosis and stimulate angiogenesis in compensated hypertrophy#. Circulation Research 2021. 129:1086. #Featured in the issue cover. Selected for the editorial “Resident macrophages in the heart: cardioprotective under pressure” Circulation Research 2021. 129:1102.

Fredrickson G., Barrow F., Dietsche K., Parthiban P., Khan S., Robert S., Demirchian M., Wang H., and Revelo X. S.* Exercise of high intensity ameliorates hepatic inflammation and the progression of NASH. Molecular Metabolism 2021. doi: 10.1016/j.molmet.2021.101270

Barrow F., Khan S., Wang, H., and Revelo X. S.*. The Emerging Role of B Cells in the Pathogenesis of NAFLD. Hepatology. 2021.

Barrow F., Khan S., Fredrickson G., Wang H., Dietsche K., Parthiban P., Robert S., Kaiser T., Winer S., Herman A., Adeyi O., Mouzaki M., Khoruts A., Staley C., Hogquist K.A., Winer D.A., and Revelo X.S.*. Microbiota-Driven Activation of Intrahepatic B Cells Aggravates Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis through Innate and Adaptive Signaling. Hepatology 2021. #Featured in the issue cover.

Hep Cover

Ghazarian M.*, Revelo X.S.* (co- 1st authors), H. Luck, J. Kim, K. Zeng, S. Tsai, H. Lei, P. Ohashi, N. Hirano, O. Adeyi, T. Jin, S. Winer and D.A. Winer Type I interferon responses drive intrahepatic T cells to promote metabolic syndrome. Science Immunology 2017; 2(10). pii:eaai761.

Revelo X.S., M. Ghazarian, M.H.Y, Chng, H. Luck, J. Kim, K. Zeng, S.Y.Shi, S. Tsai, H. Lei, J. Kenkel, C.L. Liu, S. Tangsombatvisit, H. Tsui, C. Sima, C. Xiao, L. Shen, X. Li, T. Jin, G.F. Lewis, M. Woo, P.J. Utz, M. Glogauer, S. Winer and D.A. Winer. Nucleic acid targeting pathways promote inflammation in obesity-related insulin resistance.Cell Reports 2016; 16 (3):717-730.

Revelo, X.S., S. Tsai, H. Lei, H. Luck, H. Tsui, S. Schroer, C. Luck, M. Woo, S. Siner, and D.A. Winer. Perforin is a Novel Immune Regulator of Obesity-Related Insulin Resistance. Diabetes 2015. 64(1): 90-103.

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